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Funding Outdoor Recreation

There is a lot of talk about infrastructure funding right now -- rebuilding roads, bridges, and harbors, and increasing access to broadband. A lesser-known infrastructure funding opportunity is available now in the sector of outdoor recreation and as Lee Hart, the Executive Director for Alaska Outdoor Alliance likes to say, “Outdoor recreation infrastructure IS critical infrastructure.”

Much more funding will be available for outdoor recreation projects now that the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), funded by oil and gas royalties, has been authorized to receive $900 million a year (Great American Outdoors Act, August, 2020). But to be considered a priority for LWCF funding, Alaska outdoor recreation projects need to be included in the Alaska’s Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP).

The State of Alaska is writing a new SCORP through a statewide process led by Alaska State Parks and the National Parks Service Rivers Trails Conservation Assistance Program, with support from the Alaska Trails Initiative. Learn more here about the statewide SCORP planning process.

Through working group meetings in the summer and fall, Prince William Sound outdoor recreation organizations, supporters, and other stakeholders will work together in compiling a regional chapter outlining ongoing projects and future plans within Prince William Sound. This regional draft will be reviewed and ultimately submitted to the Statewide plan to be used in securing future funding needs as projects become construction ready.

To participate in the PWS outdoor recreation planning process, please contact us – we’d love to include your ideas!


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