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Energizing Entrepreneurs: How Can We Help in PWS?

Entrepreneurs and business owners are the foundation of our local economies, and our job here at the PWS Economic Development District is to strengthen and deepen the resources we have in our region to support our businesses. From food trucks to fuel suppliers, salt harvesters to seafood processors, and from sea kayak tour guiding to welding, our PWS businesses span a broad reach of services and products. We’d like to help build on these strengths, and also talk with business owners about how we can fill some gaps in our communities.

Probably you have similar interests -- don't we all want a strong, diverse economy with good jobs and vibrant communities with economic opportunities?

We’re starting a working group of entrepreneurs and business owners/managers to strengthen the PWS entrepreneurial ecosystem. We envision this group as a place where business owners can get help with business start-ups or transitions, find a mentor, and share ideas to help the business community overall in your town.

We can also work with businesses and groups to apply for grant funding for specific projects, depending on the ideas selected as priorities (e.g. market hall with stall/shop space for multiple businesses, seasonal worker lodging).

If this is a group you’d like to be part of, or want to contribute an idea we could work on, let us know!


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